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 Living on New CoMMuN

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God of the heaven...forum
God of the heaven...forum

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PostSubject: Living on New CoMMuN   Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:59 pm

First Generation.
Many years ago, GLaDOS, a Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, declared war on our faithful planet, CoMMuN. Despite having very weak sources of energy, she was able to scatter us into cowering children, she was violent and reckless. Her weaker counterpart, LEGION, had unbeatable strategies, no commander was able to prevent the reign of death that lasted for many years (which we couldn't keep track of due to GLaDOS burning all the calendars when she sent that Mobile Nuclear Missile Carrier disguised as a messenger pod reporting the war out in space, and that was when the war finally reached our small planet) Since then, we deceived GLaDOS into thinking we were extinct, while a very few, undetectable of us repaired unfixable damages on CoMMuN, others of us evacuated to a temporary planet, New CoMMuN, which was a moon of CoMMuN. We lived under a blue star, and blue stars gave off much more heat and energy than yellow suns. Many years ago, a war between solar systems would've been near impossible, due to all the delays, much like a war between opposite sides of the world during the native years. For us, it was still impossible, for GLaDOS, is was not. With that to her advantage, she left us on the defensive. Her violent recklessness killed off most of the humans. Today, we live in fear and poverty. There isn't even enough oxygen for more than fifty of us to live. Our Utility plants are constantly generating oxygen, food, and water. Not a sufficient amount, however. Every year, the population is cut to half. We each long for the day CoMMuN is once again suitable for life, but hope is draining from us. We rarely communicate with each other. Nobody knows anybody, there is not a single community, big or small. There is no religion. There is no creation. There is no thinking. There is nothing. Some of us wish for death, but we're already dead. We have nothing to do but search for a life, but this quest is futile. I wonder if GLaDOS feels any remorse for this. Does she feel regret? Does she feel? One day, I'm going to leave this miserable pebble and find Earth. I want to know, was it once a lovely place? Or was it just a reflection of New CoMMuN? I always thought New CoMMuN should be called something else, as CoMMuN means love, and that is not something of existence here. I would wake up crying, if it weren't for the lack of water. I would sigh from boredom and groan from pain, constantly, even in my sleep, if it weren't for the lack of oxygen. Death lingers here. Always.
Third Generation
My grandmother always told me that she longed for CoMMuN to be finished, but she did not live to see this, both tears of happiness and grief escape my eyes.
Ninth Generation
Bored. All we learned today at school was History, just 7 long hours of the Interstellar War.
Generation Executable
Yeah, those YouGo idiots made a friggin' AI! WHY DID THEY GIVE IT AN ANGER CORE!?!?!?

Below this line is my signature:____________
I've disobeyed.

You know what? I hate it when people are so ignorant by the time they're in Junior High as to not know the following:
-That Superman is NOT Adolf Hitler!
-Licking off the ground is NOT healthy for you.
-Breathing is NOT a way of sucking in germs because of Adam and Eve's punishment.
-Albert Einstein isn't a monster.
-Fairy tales are not tails of fairies.
-Lady Gaga is real.
-A band is not a string.
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Living on New CoMMuN
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