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 Portal: The Flash Version Console Commands

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God of the heaven...forum

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PostSubject: Portal: The Flash Version Console Commands   Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:13 pm

zing zzzing! nothing
cake ZEH CAKE IZ A LIE nothing
tralala have you touched my tralala? nothing
lolcopter that’s my ride home. nothing
roflcopter that’s the father of lolcopter. nothing
zingcraft zzzzzzzzwish!~ nothing
hello why hello. nothing
shoopdawoop IMAH CARCHING MAH LAZAR nothing
awesome awesome indeed. nothing
thanks anytime. nothing
zomgowned lol. nothing
lol lots of laughs? nothing
nonsense exactly, it doesn’t make any sense. nothing
wassup wassuuuuuuuuuuuppp? nothing
console that’s me! nothing
brain that’d be Ido’s. nothing
bla try harder. nothing
bye oh please, don’t leave. nothing
ok okie dokie! nothing
flash it crashes a lot. And does problems with Vista x64 ): nothing
zund ????! nothing
iphone don’t even start. nothing
wecreatestuff oh, we totally do. nothing
aloligotcomplexcockitandpullit It’s ‘A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it’ goddammit!. nothing
orly ya rly. nothing
gosh GOSH!! nothing
hitler HITL0R!? nothing
easteregg you found it. nothing
gman yes, you can find him, visualy, in this game… nothing
xbox X BAWX! nothing
portal now you’re thinking with portals. no, nothing was activated. nothing
retarded movie! nothing
4815162342 system failure system failure system failure system failure system failure system failure system failure nothing
crash we’re trying, but we’ll never be good as Source nothing
messenger Ido - dragy2005@hotmail.com Hen - henmazolski@gmail.com ): nothing
website wecreatestuff.com nothing
lost charlie’s dead ): nothing
sneeze bless you. nothing
eon8 oh you’re fucked now. nothing
gmod GMAN APPROVES. nothing
iwanttoplayagame you are already. nothing
time what’s the point? you know the time, you’re just teasing me. nothing
thisismadness madness?..
subject was kicked to his death. Kills the player
hl2 is awesome. nothing
hl2ep1 is truly awesome. nothing
hl2ep2 is a great looking game which I have not yet played. but by the time you read this I probably already have. nothing
tf2 well I liked the first… nothing
overlord I like controling these goblins. nothing
pie Not just a pie, me friends, an APPLE pie. nothing
speak I don’t speak. nothing
eat Die. nothing
stop (); nothing
nightmarehouse is an hl2 mod by us D: nothing
help / commandlist / showlist / showcommands / showcommand Partial command database below.
info - Information.
kill - suicide.
help/commandlist/showlist/showcommand - partial command database.
sound - enable/disable sounds.
aim/space - allow [SPACE] dummy portal.
quality 0-3 - set quality level.
effects 0-2 - set effect level.
gravity [0>#] - set map gravity level.
prevlevel - go to next level.
nextlevel - go to previous level.
showfps - visible/invisible fps and level name.
Other commands (show<command>, create<command>, remove<command>, <command>) are hidden. Shows a censored list of commands (not like this list ;o)
kill / die subject commited suicide with an invisible crowbar. Kills you
noclip noclip enabled. [OR] noclip disabled. Lets you fly through walls
god god enabled. [OR] god disabled. Makes you invincible
portalproof / antiportal Portal Proof enabled. [OR] Portal Proof disabled. Gives you the ability to shoot portals on ANY wall
dance dance enabled. [OR] dance disabled. Lets you dance if you press [a] AND [d]
sounds / sound sounds enabled. [OR] sounds disabled. Toggles volume (0 or 100)
crosshair crosshair enabled. [OR] crosshair disabled. Toggles crosshair (portal crosshair or windows arrow)
space / aim / detectshot Aim (space) enabled. [OR] Aim (space) disabled. Gives you a hint where your portal will be placed when you press [space]
dynamiccam / dynamicam playerCam enabled. [OR] playerCam disabled. Zoomes the camera and only shows a small part of the level around your player model
stopallsounds / stopsounds all sounds currently running were stopped Instantly stops all sounds playing. future sound will be played
info Portal 1.1.1
website - portal.wecreatestuff.com
Henmazolski@gmail.com Shows the current portal version and contact adresses
showfps fps visible. [OR] fps invisible. Shows the current “frames per seconds” (fps) of your game on the right upper corner
showmapbox mapbox visible. [OR] mapbox invisible. Shows the collision areas of walls as colored boxes
showdynamicbox / showdynamicboxes dynamic physicboxes visible. [OR] dynamic physicboxes invisible. [OR] cannot show dynamic physicboxes. Shows the collision areas of dynamics (for example switches) as colored boxes
showportalbox portalbox visible. [OR] portalbox invisible. Shows the wall intersected areas of portals as colored boxes
showportalhitbox portalhitbox visible. [OR] portalhitbox invisible. Shows the collision areas of portals as colored boxes
showportalmask portalmask visible. [OR] portalmask invisible. Shows the masked areas of portals as colored boxes
showsteps / showstep steps visible. [OR] steps invisible. I dont know what this does… i see no diference
showshot / showshots shots visible. [OR] shots invisible. Shows red dots inside the wall you just shot with a portal. i think it was used for intersection calculations
gravity ### gravity is set to ### [OR] the command you’ve entered requires an extra number to be set Sets the gravity to a given value. as in every other game i know, i think the normal value is 800
quality # / _quality # quality is set to # [OR] the command you’ve entered requires an extra number to be set Sets the flash quality level (0 to 3)
effects effects is set to # [OR] the command you’ve entered requires an extra number to be set Sets the amount of ingame effects (such as motionblur) (0 to 2)
createbox object BOX has been spawned. Spawnes a box above your head
companion / createcompanion / createcompanioncube / createcompanionbox object COMPANION BOX has been spawned. [OR] object COMPANION BOX could not be deleted. Spawnes a companion box above your head (the one with a pinkish heart on it)
removebox object BOX has been deleted. [OR] object BOX could not be deleted. Removes a box from the game
createcam object CAM has been spawned. Spawnes a camera (like the ones on the walls) under your feet
removecam object CAM has been deleted. [OR] object CAM could not be deleted. Removes a camera (including the ones that are already there)
createball object BALL has been spawned. Spawnes a energy ball above your head (and kills you instantly because it is flying in your direction…)
removeBall object BALL has been deleted. [OR] object BALL could not be deleted. Removes a energy ball from the game
createturret / createturrent / createturretr / createturrentr object TURRENT has been spawned. Spawnes a turret IN your body, which is directed to the right
createturretl / createturrenl object TURRENT has been spawned. Spawnes a turret IN your body, which is directed to the left
removeturret object TURRET has been deleted. [OR] object TURRET could not be deleted. Removes a turret from the game
restartlevel / restartmap Level ## restarted. Restarts the level you are currently playing in
gotolevel ## / gotoandplay ## level ## launched [OR] Level (##) restarted. Switches to the level you specified (0 to 40), if leaved blank it restarts the level you are currently playing in
nextlevel / followinglevel Next level (##) launched. Switches to the following level (if you play in level 15 it will switch to level 16)
prevlevel / previouslevel Previous level (##) launched. [OR] Cannot play previous level. Switches to the previous level (if you play in level 15 it will switch to level 14)

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I've disobeyed.

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-That Superman is NOT Adolf Hitler!
-Licking off the ground is NOT healthy for you.
-Breathing is NOT a way of sucking in germs because of Adam and Eve's punishment.
-Albert Einstein isn't a monster.
-Fairy tales are not tails of fairies.
-Lady Gaga is real.
-A band is not a string.
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Portal: The Flash Version Console Commands
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