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 The Life Log

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God of the heaven...forum
God of the heaven...forum

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PostSubject: The Life Log   Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:16 am

My Days in Vivid Unnecessary Detail
Part I. Summer is coming to the end.

I was awoken by my father, which was peculiar as it was summer and no event had been anticipated that day. I attempted to return to my slumber. However, my stubborn father was not to surrender very easily. After leaving, he returned within just a matter of minutes. Once again, he woke me and I was dazed by the Sun's powerful rays which shone directly into my pupils. They shrank to the points of needles, and for a minute or so after, I was almost blind. I was not ripe for the day, I was unable to speak, and I was confused. The day that this was successive to was rapidly returning, and I could only handle so much happening at a time. My vision was blurred, and I could only remember what I was to do, and not what I did. I wandered about the house until I was within the walls of the restroom. (I skipped some parts because the detail was a bit...too detailed, for the uncensored version of this story, just ask) Exiting the restroom, I was recalling a few irrelevant things that had recently happened, such as my seemingly unimportant finished duties. Eating breakfast every morning was once of them. I rummaged through the refrigerator. My thorough search's results were disappointing. I ate chocolate chip waffles on a daily basis. However, none were found. Then, I was reminded that they were all devoured by my physically unhealthy family. Perhaps they tried to emulate my habits in food, if only they knew the downsides in MY physical health. Of course, I'm not mentally healthy either. That morning, as replacement, I had Honey Bunches of Oats. Cereal first, milk second. Then, I took my cereal to the computer room, which was almost right beside the kitchen. I pushed the power button on my laptop. As it loaded up, I started chowing down on what was supposed to give me nutrition for at least one morning. Once my laptop loaded, I entered my overly obvious password. I closed a few unnecessary programs, and I opened GameRanger. Disappointment. None of my friends were online. I opened Steam, and played Alien Swarm. Once I got bored of it, I changed the scripts to unlimited ammo. Once I lost interest in that, I was compelled to change the scripts back due to my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I opened my internet browser, Google Chrome, it started up G-Mail. I wanted to socialize, since I was already at G-Mail. I thought I might as well. I told all my friends to give me their day in vivid, unnecessary detail. All at different times, of course. As a matter of fact, I didn't request this to one of my friends until the next day. Or night, to be more precise. I do have a tendency to procrastinate as many of my friends and acquaintances acknowledge and have themselves the same burden. Often, my thoughts wander to where I ask myself a question that all can grasp the comprehension of, but the answer, though quite obvious, cannot be explained or fully understood. Now, all my friends gave me an answer that was either not detailed enough, not narrative enough, or both. As a matter of fact, one of them answered with one, simple sentence. Perhaps nothing interesting happened that day. Perhaps she had no intention of going through the effort to describe her previous 18 hours. Perhaps my question did not suffice as "worthy" to her. Another one did not type it, but rather, said it. Perhaps he much more wanted him to listen to his own day, and used my question as an excuse, as he knew my attention would age like milk. I decided to join my little brother, again, in yet another game of Alien Swarm. However, he did not have the same desire. He quickly joined a nearly full server, and before I could, someone else did. He did not exit for me, and I got the hint. For a while, I tolerated my boredom by sitting in front of a bright screen that I thought would give me ideas of what to do. Once the boredom was intolerable, that's when the idea was into action. Then, I realized it was an idea that could be the work of the notorious idiot that lurked within the dark, shadowy depths of my mind. So, I fell half-asleep. My memory of everything after that on that day has erased, possibly for being awake for only a brief time.

I woke up at around the time of 5:50. I had given my phone the ability to vibrate the air around it to create sound, and the specific patterns I put to wake me up were commands, temptations, and music. I would say such things as "Wake up. I baked cookies." And I would ramble on about how it was unbalanced on a thin, white counter, and that it would probably eventually fall. I would also play my favorite songs. Take My Hand - Simple. Telephone - Lady Gaga. This would soothe me, which would make me sleepier, an almost clear mind. So, my mind would eventually lead to how nice it would be to take a shower. So, that's when I would get up. Climb down the ladder of my bunk bed. Enter the restroom. Do what I can in a matter of 10 minutes that is necessary. Everything, due to me knowing myself so well, worked perfectly. When I came out, back into the silent, consuming darkness of dawn, all the lights were on and my parents were acting lively. My parents never act nocturnal except when they just wake up at dawn. I find that a bit odd. I find many peculiarities, but this must be my favorite. As a matter of fact, I find it also humorous. They had recently bought a toy train set with a build-able city for my youngest brother's early birthday. I soon saw them enjoy the toy set by using it as a guilty pleasure and a key to their own childhood. My father played the most. He would often take my mother's turn, but she wouldn't mind.

Below this line is my signature:____________
I've disobeyed.

You know what? I hate it when people are so ignorant by the time they're in Junior High as to not know the following:
-That Superman is NOT Adolf Hitler!
-Licking off the ground is NOT healthy for you.
-Breathing is NOT a way of sucking in germs because of Adam and Eve's punishment.
-Albert Einstein isn't a monster.
-Fairy tales are not tails of fairies.
-Lady Gaga is real.
-A band is not a string.
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The Life Log
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